Zamokuhle Disabled Project

In May 2009 the annual RT92 Euromeeting was held in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. One of the traditions of an Euromeeting is that, prior to the official meeting, the chairmen of every attending Table have a chairmen-meeting. During the chairmen-meeting in 2009 the chairmen decided that every Table 92 that participates in the Euromeeting commits itself to raising funds and donating for a project in South-Africa. Carel Oberholzer, at that time president of RT 92 Kameeldoring in South-Africa, informed us in October 2009 about a project that the Euromeeting could support: the project for the disabled children in Zamokuhle. The Zamokuhle disabled project is situated in Mokopane, a city in the north of South-Africa. It is a project that is led by one woman only. In a former church she looks after mentally and/or physically disabled children.

At the beginning of every day, parents bring their (disabled) children and at the end of the day they pick them up again. During the day the project provides for food, care and entertainment. Most of the times the group of children is from 40 up to 60. Each month the project receives only 500 Rand (about 50 euro’s) from the South-African government for housing, food, maintenance, etc. Further funds are supplied by RT92 Kameeldoring and the local church. Partly because of the limited funds, the project is in need of additional funds and the most elemental goods.

During last years cold winter the tablers of South-Africa already brought clothes and blankets. Furthermore the project is in need of a good toilet and kitchen. Also there is a need for diapers for the little children and for some additional toys (at this moment the only have one box of toys for all the children).